Our Leadership - Pastor Chris Kumpula

Pastor Chris and his wife Becca with two of their three children.

Pastor Chris and his wife Becca with two of their three children.

Pastor Chris Kumpula was born and raised in Minnesota, and after attending the University of St Thomas in St Paul, he married his wife Becca. They have been blessed as a family with three children. Pastor Chris is a graduate of our Free Lutheran seminary in Minneapolis (AFLTS). He was called to serve Word of Life in 2019 after serving on an internship at Abiding Savior Free Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls, SD. Pastor Chris is passionate about teaching, church planting/revitalization, and history.

Expectation: We want a pastor who understands Scripture and its doctrines, subscribing to its authority, and who demonstrates the ability to accurately interpret it through exegetical preaching and teaching. Our pastor is called by the congregation and charged to use the instruments through which God saves and sanctifies by the ministry of the Holy Spirit. We desire that our pastor demonstrate the ability to properly distinguish between the Law and the Gospel in teaching, preaching, and practice as a servant pastor. Our pastor is called to lead by serving and serve by leading.

Our Deacons

Deacons serve as the elected leaders of the church who share responsibility with the pastor for the direction and teaching of the church.

Expectation: We desire joyful leadership, where leaders lead by example, where the will of God is sought and followed, and where leaders encourage each other and our congregation with love and passion for our mission. Within our congregation we envision generous contributions of time, talent, and treasure to our church and community. The people of our church will be partners in ministry and serve the needs of others while realizing spiritual growth in their lives as a result of that service. We desire to help people seek and find their best ministry fit by knowing and understanding their own God-given spiritual gifts.

Our Trustees

Trustees oversee the stewardship of our ministry, especially the facility maintenance and improvement needs.

Expectation: We want to care for our facility as a ministry tool for all things truly in service to God. As we worship God through the giving of our treasures, we acknowledge that we are returning but a portion to Him. We joyfully and obediently give to His ministries. We encourage, and God expects, our members to tithe, knowing that God has promised to “open the windows of heaven” and “pour down an overflowing blessing” to those who give with willing hearts. We are determined to be wise stewards of all the resources entrusted to us by a good and gracious God.